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Pretty Local is an online marketplace connecting local people to local produce.

As well as being one of the most beautiful parts of the country, the South Hams offers a fantastic array of high quality food products. However, unless you personally know your farmer, these can be complicated to get hold of on a weekly shopping trip and buying local produce can become an arduous task.

Pretty Local has found the solution; bringing all our sellers together in one location. We spent considerable time scouring the South Hams meeting local producers and finding the best products; we can’t deny it’s been an absolute pleasure - and we're still going!

Each of our sellers are located in South Devon and the majority are within 20-mile radius of Kingsbridge, keeping food miles to a minimum and supporting local producers and businesses

We are showcasing the quality and the diversity of the South Hams food and drink. Suppliers include 'The Salcombe Fish Wife' who source fresh seafood from Salcombe and land scallops, lobster and wet fish from their own fishing boat, 'Favis of Salcombe' who land crab from their own boat in Salcombe, dairy produce from 'Challon’s Combe Organics' at Aveton Gifford, East Portlemouth-based ‘Mays and Green’ who make their own delicious salad dressings, high-welfare meat from ‘Salcombe Meat Company’, and ‘Village Farm’, ‘Cheezeboard’ near Totnes and ‘Spindlebrook Farm’ who grow vegetables and salads without the use of machinery.

Pretty Local is just like an online supermarket, except the supply chain is short, so every time you buy you’re directly supporting your local farmers, fishermen and artisans.

This is currently a weekly market. You can order up until midnight on Wednesday for a delivery on the Friday (48 hours later).


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